Dynamic calculation and booking of tours

This is the complex solution developed for quick and easy calculation and booking of tours.

Tours are calculated in real time on the basis of prices for individual services entered in the Master-Tour database and rules established in the administrative part of the service.

The system works as a computing cloud, which may include both the server and workstations.

The service is compatible with any releases of Master-Tour, starting with version 2007.2

The tour is calculated online
in the time of the request on the website


The greatly reduced time of launching of special offers for sale, because a very resource-and time-consuming element “Preliminary tour calculation” is excluded from the business process.

The relevance of offers on the tour operator’s website increases up to the ideal. Any changes in prices on hotels, flights, etc. appear on the website immediately.

There is no need for the recalculation of the tours when you change prices for a flight or for a hotel.

The size of the database is seriously reduced, accordingly, the problems caused by the huge volume of the database disappear. Server maintenance costs are reduced.

The service has a special extension for connecting of search engines, which reduces the load on the web server and website.

There is a possibility of connection of the robotic systems which will be able to change the prices on tours automatically using the statistics of demand (in the process of developing).

Flights updating via API of AVIA CENTER

It’s optimized for mobile devices

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Rent price

Choose the number of prices in your database

Specify the options you need

Flights updating module
API for connecting search engines
(total number of requests from search engines to your API)
Less than 5000 requests per hour
More than 5000 requests per hour
Rent price for you* 15500 rub/month

*Technical support is included in the price

How can I find out the number of prices?

1. Open Microsoft SQL Management Studio.

2. Create a new request.

3. Select the database. Most likely, it is called “Avalon”.

4. Execute the following query:

SELECT count(1)
FROM tbl_Costs

5. The number of your prices will be shown in the bottom of the window.


Standart kit

  • Search and booking engine
  • Website (search, booking, personal account)
  • Extension “Gettings of documents”
  • Options “Promo rates” and “Price groups”
  • Website customization (logo, style, menu)
  • Work on analytics of software and hardware environment on the client’s side
  • A set of scripts for cleaning of the database and other necessary adjustments
  • Works on the installation and configuration

Optional modules

  • API for connecting search engines
    (we already work with Level.Travel, Sletat.ru, Tourvisor, Travelata)
  • Flights updating module

Additional works

  • By agreement with the customer


Warranty technical support period – 12 months

During the warranty period updates within a version are free




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