Custom software development

If you do not find the software you need among our ready-made solutions, we will develop it for you as soon as possible and with high quality.

To complete the order, we will ask you to provide a technical specification that describes the functional requirements for the software and a prototype (graphic or text) of the user interface.

Consulting and technical support

All our software products, both ready-made and custom-designed, have a warranty period, which is specified in the contract. During the warranty period we provide free consulting and technical support of our software. After the warranty period, consulting and technical support can be renewed on a paid basis.

General procedure for providing of a consulting and technical support:

  • The Seller provides of Customer’s staff by e-mail on weekdays from 09.00 till 18.00 (Moscow time);
  • The Seller does not provide technical support of Customer’s hardware and system-wide software;
  • The Customer sends to the Seller his questions or a description of the issue to e-mail;
  • The Seller replies to the Customer by e-mail within 8 working hours after receiving the request;
  • The Seller, if he has the technical ability and in agreement with the Customer, can perform the necessary work by connecting remotely to the Customer’s server or database.


If necessary, we can train your staff to work with our software.

Training is available both in our office and in the Customer’s office.

By prior arrangement, an English-speaking specialist can go for training to the Customer’s offices outside Russia.

Software implementation

Our software are fully ready for use and have all the necessary technical and user documentation. However, the independent implementation of a software may be difficult for one reason or another. In such case, we offer to our customers a program of software implementation, which includes:

  • Installation and configuration of the database server;
  • Installation and configuration of the software;
  • Training of employees to work with our software;
  • Modification of ready-made reporting forms according to Customer’s requirements;
  • Development of additional reporting forms;
  • Analysis of Customer’s business processes and formulation of proposals for their optimization in connection with the implementation of a new software;
  • Evaluation of customer’s technical equipment and formulation of proposals for their replacement or modification according to the requirements of the updated business process.

The implementation program is created and agreed individually and as a rule provides for a week-long business trip of our specialist to the Customer’s office.

Analytics of travel automation

Over the years, our company has accumulated unique experience in solving a variety of travel automation issues, which we are ready to share with you.

We will help you:

  • To analyze the business processes in your company;
  • To choose the appropriate software;
  • To formulate functional requirements for a software;
  • To evaluate the possibility and expediency of software integration with your partners;
  • To make an estimation of the necessary investments.

It is important that, unlike some of our colleagues from other companies, we will not impose our products to you. If there is a better solution for your tasks, we will advise it.

Do you need an expert analysis of a travel automation? We are ready to provide it!

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