New tariffs

The technical support of the Import Module opens up new possibilities for you.

A lot of new:

  • We added technical support for the Import Module for 3 months for any systems (CT, MT07 / 09/15);
  • Free updating of gateways and the Import Module is available for any tariff;
  • We have added the ability to rent the Import Module for Master-Tour 15;
  • For customers without technical support, the cost of updating a module is more understandable;
  • For owners of technical support, discount has been established for the purchase of new GATEWAYS;
  • A loyalty program has been added for customers who regularly renew technical support;
  • We have released a new service for automatic download of price lists – AutoPrice.

Is your system Master Tour 07/09? If «YES», this SURVEY is for you.

Have you already heard about the AutoPrice?

AutoPrice is similar to the Import Module, with one exception of the process of downloading price lists. In the AutoPrice service, the process of downloading price lists is fully automatic.

We have thoroughly tested the service for several years and have already connected five gateways to it:

We can also connect these GATEWAYS.

You can find out the cost of buying or renting the service by this mail:


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