Module XML Quota loader

The program module “XML Quota loader” is an add-in for program set “Master-Tour” which allows to receive from providers in XML format:

  • New quotas for hotel accommodation
  • Correction of quotas
  • Stop-Sales

The proposed solution is the most interesting for agencies who receive the “Free sale” quota from providers, i.e. the common quota that are shared between all agencies. Operative and online updating of such quota by means of the “XML Quota loader” module allows the agency to have in his database and on the website the most reliable information about hotels occupancy provided by the supplier.


Today we have opportunity to offer you the import of hotel availability from the following providers:

  • Carthage Group
  • Destination
  • et Cetera Travel
  • Tour Ethno

Figure 1. Work window of the data exchange monitor.


The program module “XML Quota loader” is scalable, i.e. allow you to connect new providers having the corresponding XML service.

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