Program set InTour Office and its components

“InTour Office” is the program set intended for automation of activity of incoming travel companies. It is developed according to the analysis of activity of several tens of incoming companies working in the different countries of the world.

Advantages of the program set “InTour Office” in comparison with similar solutions:

  • Low cost and high quality;
  • There are solutions for automation of all activity directions of incoming company:
    • Pricing (hotels, transfers, excursion, car rental, additional services)
    • Quotas control (hotels)
    • Booking (including online booking)
    • Planning of any kinds of transfers
    • Creation and planning of excursions
    • Mutual settlements with partners (customers and providers)
    • Reporting
    • Statistics;
  • XML interface for search, booking and data exchange with other travel systems;
  • License for unlimited number of users;
  • Flexible user access system;
  • User interface with context help in Russian and English;
  • Personal technical support.

Program set has the module structure owing to which a client has a possibility to buy exactly what he needs without overpaying for unnecessary functionality.

The data exchange system with other travel systems is a very important part of the program set. You can offer to your partners several ways of automated data exchange according to their preferences.

Pricing module

“InTour Office” allows you to generate net and sale prices for the following types of services:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Excursions
  • Additional services (additional services may be divided into several groups)

Main functions of the module:

  • Input of net prices received from service providers;
  • Generation of sale prices for customers (tour operators) using “Pricing wizard”;
  • Generation of the pricing structure (formulas) for hotel accommodation and price calculation based on this structure;
  • Generation of special offers;
  • Generation of price lists;
  • Publication of price offers for external travel systems;
  • History of working with prices.

The module for working with hotel accommodation quotas

“InTour Office” has got a ”flexible” managing system for hotel accommodation quotas. After getting a quote from a provider (hotel or intermediary partner), you can distribute it among agencies (tour operators) or leave for free sale. There are different types of quotas: “hard” (commitment) or “soft” (allotment), quota per night or for arrival, quotas for specific room category or for any type of room. It is also possible to make quotas according to the days of the week.

You have a possibility of using quotas control mode at the time of booking. In this mode, the program will check the hotel availability for new booking and alert the user if there is no vacant room.

Main functions of the module:

  • Input of quotas for hotel accommodation;
  • Efficient control and quota management (displaying hotel sales in various views, updating and quota sharing, setting of stop-sale and release period);
  • Transfer of hotel accommodation quotas for external travel systems;
  • Accompanying reports generation.

Booking module

“InTour Office” has a full tool package for all booking operations, starting from the booking and up to generation of the final invoice.

Main functions of the module:

  • Making and editing of reservation manually via Booking editor form;
  • Receiving bookings, changes and cancellations automatically from external travel systems (via XML interface or special database exchange);
  • Calculation of net and sale prices for each of the services separately and saving detailed calculation results;
  • Correctness of received booking details control system;
  • Total monitoring of each booking at all stages of its life-cycle;
  • Automatic analysis of incoming changes in reservation requests;
  • “Hotel change” function (changing of the room type or hotel, early check-in, late check-out);
  • Ability to change the state of the entire reservation or a separate service (confirmed or not confirmed) with an automatic transfer of the confirmation to the customer (tour operator);
  • Booking history. Possibility of displaying the previous state of reservation (up to recent changes);
  • Search engine;
  • Accompanying reports generation.

Transfer planning module

This module allows to significantly speed up and simplify the transfer planning procedure based on the data of the reservation department.

Main functions of the module:

  • Planning transfers of any type;
  • Selection of the optimal route for the vehicle with automatic setting of the meeting time (pick up time) for each pickup point;
  • Search engine;
  • Generation of transfer lists and other related documents.

Excursions creating, selling and planning module

Excursion module of “InTour Office” program set allows you to create (design) your own excursions from separate components (vehicle rental, guide services, entry tickets, etc.), to forecast your expenses for carrying out of excursions, to keep and analyze the additional (sold after check in) excursion sales data and to plan sightseeing transfers.

Main functions of the module:

  • Excursion designer;
  • Excursion schedule input;
  • Input of information about additional excursion sales;
  • Excursions transfer planning;
  • Calculation of planned and actual net of excursions;
  • Accompanying reports generation.

Accounting module

Accounting module of “InTour Office” is not fully accounting software, but it can help you to control the financial results of your work.

Main functions of the module:

  • Generation of invoices for customers (tour operators) by all made reservations;
  • Accounting of customer payments;
  • Accounting of payments to service providers;
  • Accounting of invoices from providers;
  • Analysis of net and sale prices and profit on each sold service and booking;
  • Balance control of operations with customers and service providers;
  • Accompanying reports generation.

User access system

User access system of “InTour Office” allows an administrator to flexibly restrict the rights of a particular user or a group of users while working with the program. In other words, you have a possibility to give to each manager only the rights, which he needs according to his functional responsibilities.

There are two types of access permissions in “InTour Office” program set:

  • The permission to open a particular working form (window);
  • The permission to perform certain actions on the data in one or another form (view, edit, add, delete).

User access system has self-diagnosis function, which allows to identify and fix problems in case of emergency situations (e.g., failure of the database server and then moving the database to another server).

Reporting module

Reporting module of “InTour Office” provides the standard set of report forms which are usually demanded for incoming companies:

  • Price list;
  • Rooming list;
  • Voucher;
  • Tour program;
  • Transfer list;
  • List of excursions;
  • Invoice (confirmation);
  • Financial report on reservations;
  • Mutual settlement with a partner;
  • Stop-Sale list;
  • Report on sales of additional excursions;
  • Detailed excursion reports;
  • Statistics.

Besides standard reports there are a lot of additional reports. You can choose any of them. Ready additional reports are provided free of charge. Also we can develop additional reports according your request at extra charge.

InTour Online

Website for search and booking of hotels, transfers and excursions. It operates on the basis of the “InTour XML Booking service” specification.

Calculation of services is based on prices entered in the program set “InTour Office”.

Main features of InTour Online:

  • Online search (hotels, transfers, excursions and excursion programs)
  • Cart
  • Booking
  • Cancellation of the booking
  • Personal account
  • E-Mail notification
  • Adaptive design layout
  • Multilanguage. Currently supported Russian and English, but addition of other languages is possible
  • Change of design, using style sheets (css).

The XML interface for data exchange with external travel systems

InTour XML Data Exchange service module, running as a part of “InTour Office” program set, allows to organize automatic data exchange with external travel systems (Master-Tour, SAMO-tour, etc.) in the XML format. The use of this module will allow you significantly to speed up the booking processing time, simplify and accelerate the process of publication of prices, quotas and special offers for tour operators.

Main functions of the module:

  • Receiving new reservations, changes and cancellations from tour operators;
  • Sending confirmations (non-confirmations) to the tour operator according to the reservation or separate services;
  • Exchange of messages with tour operator according to the reservation;
  • Publication of hotel accommodation prices for automatic import by tour operators;
  • Publication of hotel accommodation quotas for automatic import by tour operators;
  • Publication of stop sale data for automatic import by tour operator;
  • Publication of invoices data for automatic import by tour operator.

The program module “InTour Quota Web Control”

This program module is developed for monitoring of hotel occupancy (quotas) using a graphic web interface.

Functions of the program module:

  • Presentation of each room occupation with the indication of reservation number which occupies the room;
  • Highlighting of reservation by personal color of tour operator;
  • Display of the release period for each room;
  • Display of stops sales;
  • Display of special offers;
  • Display of late availabilities;
  • Input and display of hotel options (temporary room reservations);

The program module has two operating modes:

  • Exclusive (for private offices or preferred partners) – in this mode a user can see all quotas and information about their using;
  • Agency – in this mode a user can see only personal quotas of the agency (tour operator) and common (free sale) quotas.

The operating mode is set by administrator of the module separately for each partner (agency), to whom the right of work with the Module is provided.

For details…

Additional modules

We also offer additional modules that are not included in the ready-made packages:

  • Integration with TravelLine.
  • Integration with Frontdesk24.
  • Bus tour sales system.

Price list of “InTour Office” software packages


The premium package includes all the most popular additional modules of the Intour Office. This solution is suitable for companies, which are ready to implement the most modern technologies.

The “Quota Web Control” module allows you to control rooms’ availability in hotels using a graphical web-interface, and using the “Price list uploading” module, you can significantly expand the range of your offers with suppliers from the list.

  • Basic module
  • InTour Online
  • Booking coordinator
  • Document printing service
  • Notification service
  • Payment service
  • InTour XML Data Exchange service
  • Price list uploading (+ 3 paid gateways for free)
  • InTour Quota Web Control
  • Document printing service
  • Rate service
  • Integration API (Avia, Hotels)
  • API for aggregators (Sletat, Tourvisor and others):


75 000 ₽/month


In the extended suite, the service of automatic data exchange with external systems is available. If you work with many tour operators and want them be able to receive your rates and availability automatically, then this option is for you!

With such set of modules, you can significantly expand your client list, since integration with you for all tour operators will be free*.

* A tour operator must have “Price list uploading” module or “AutoPrice” service installed.

  • Basic module
  • InTour Online
  • Booking coordinator
  • Document printing service
  • Notification service
  • Payment service
  • InTour XML Data Exchange service
  • Price list uploading (+ 1 paid gateway for free)

52 000 ₽/month


The best choice for small companies.

This suite includes back-office and online booking system.

Working with prices and quotas, online and offline booking, order processing, excursion and transfer planning, accounting, statistics and reporting will be available.

The online booking system allows you to work not only with agencies, but also with individuals.

  • Basic module
  • InTour Online
  • Booking coordinator
  • Document printing service
  • Notification service

34 500 ₽/month

Make your suite

Here you can assemble your “InTour Office” suite. Select additional modules to the standard package.

Additional modules:

InTour XML Data Exchange service

Price list uploading

Integration API

Payment service

InTour Quota Web Control

Rate service

API for aggreg. up
to 5000 r/hour

API for aggreg.
from 5000 r/hour



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