Release of the program set InTour office has been released, which includes more than 80 improvements and modifications.

The most interesting changes:

1. A new GetBalance method has been added to the InTour XML Booking service, which allows the agency to get the actual balance of mutual settlements with the supplier;

2. Added the ability to book additional services through InTour XML Booking service;

3. Two flags have been added to the SPO List window – Deny cancellation and Deny changes, which translate into InTour XML Booking service prohibition of cancellation or change of the reservation calculated on the basis of this special offer;

4. Added the ability to group types of meals for further search by food in the online reservation system InTour Online;

5. A new working window Detailed balance by reservations has been added to the accounting module;

6. In the Partners directory added the ability to enter for hotels the sorting order which used while displaying search results in the online booking system;

7. Significantly increased a speed when working with a remote database via a direct connection (not via RDP);

8. In the online reservation system InTour Online the ability to search offers by group of meal types / treatment was added, and also the top priority of meal types / treatment were implemented;

9. New online documentation is connected to the system.


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