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Actualization of air travel, or how to get into the TOP "Sletat.ru"

One of the main requirements of "Sletat.ru" and other search engines is to minimize the difference between the price of the tour in the search results and the price after updating. Airfare is an essential component of the tour price. If the tour is on regular flights, then it is extremely difficult to maintain the current price for a flight in the Master Tour. Hence, the big difference between the preliminary and final price of the tour online. In Dynamic 2.0, we offer a solution to this problem by integrating with the service of the "Avia Center" company.

"Avia Center" is one of the largest aggregators for the sale of air tickets in Russia. Integration with them will significantly simplify the work with tours on regular flights, expand the assortment of services you provide.

In Dynamic 2.0 we "mix" regular flights with tours "on the fly" in the process of searching for tours. This approach allows you to immediately show the customer the real price, increasing their confidence in your product, as well as meet the requirements of search engines.

New algorithms in Dynamic 2.0. Tour calculation has become even faster

In Dynamic there is an honest dynamic calculation of the tour. Most other systems still use preliminary calculation of tours with storing the calculation results in a database or in the server’s RAM.

Dynamic 2.0 uses new, even faster algorithms for calculating tours. With Dynamic you save time – both yours and the client!

Connection of third party hotel providers. Expansion of the range of your offers

The architecture of Dynamic 2.0 allows you to connect to the search and booking external providers of any services. Naturally, the most interesting are hotel suppliers. After conducting a marketing research among hotel suppliers, we opted for the "Go Global" company.

Go Global is over 200 000 contract price hotels and apartments available in 208 countries around the world with last minute bookings available.

The purpose of such integration is to significantly expand the assortment of accommodation options, exclude the constant import of prices and availability of seats from the supplier to the base of the tour operator. We "mix" Go Global accommodation options into your tours. At the same time, our calculation engine can simultaneously check the availability of the contract price in your database. A mechanism for prioritizing the use of a particular price is provided.

Dynamic 2.1 with provider Go Global – Coming Soon!

We have designed and programmed a flexible and powerful system that can be an effective tool for you to increase your sales. If you want to try – send us a request for a demo version at support@zelsoft.ru


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