Travel Integration Services

Integration of enterprise applications on the basis of services is one of priority activities of our company. Today there are many different systems in the market which do not have software interfaces to interact with each other. If the architecture of two systems allows to organize integration between them on the basis of services, we solve this problem.

Now we have ready decisions in the following areas:

InTour XML Data Exchange service

Running as a part of “InTour Office” program set, this service allows to organize automatic data exchange with external travel systems (Master-Tour, SAMO-tour, etc.) in the XML format. Using of this module will allow you to speed up significantly the booking processing time, simplify and accelerate the process of publication of prices, quotas and special offers for tour operators.

Main functions of the module:

  • Receiving new reservations, changes and cancellations from tour operators;
  • Sending confirmations (non-confirmations) to the tour operator according to the reservation or separate services;
  • Exchange of messages with tour operator according to the reservation;
  • Publication of hotel accommodation prices for automatic import by tour operators;
  • Publication of hotel accommodation quotas for automatic import by tour operators;
  • Publication of stop sale data for automatic import by tour operator;
  • Publication of invoices data for automatic import by tour operator.

For details…

Integration services for program set “Master-Tour”

104000 ₽ or 10500 ₽/month
92000 ₽ or 9500 ₽/month
98000 ₽ or 7500 ₽/month The price is indicated without the functionality of creating temporary booking (option). The cost of the full version of the service is 145000 ₽. The cost of renting the full version of the service is 10500 ₽/month.
from 16500 ₽/month From 7th month. From 1 to 6 months of implementation the price is 19000 ₽/month.
from 6000 to 17500 ₽/month

XML Data Exchange service

Designed to organize the automatic exchange of XML data between tour operators working with program set “Master-Tour” and host partners working with program set “InTour Office” or any other system that supports the InTourXML data exchange standard. Using this software will allow you to significantly speed up the processing time of applications, simplify and speed up the entry of quotas and special offers for hotel accommodation into the database.

As a free application, the Exchange Monitor add-on is provided with the service, which provides control and management of automatic data exchange.

The basic package provides the following functionality:

  • Automatic sending of new reservations, changes and cancellations to the incoming partner;
  • Control of the correctness of reservations for a number of parameters (duplication, linking tourists to services, linking tourists to children’s accommodation, presence of the birthday date for children, etc.);
  • Receiving confirmations (non-confirmations) from the incoming partners according to the reservation or separate services;
  • Exchange of messages according to the reservation with the incoming partner;
  • View the log of the data exchange;
  • Data exchange management.

Price list publishing service

This service allows you to set up automatic publication for external partners (tour operators, agencies, search engines) of prices for calculated tours, as well as daily prices for hotel accommodation. Prices published in this way can be automatically imported into the program set “Master-Tour” or “SAMO-tour” using the “Universal import of price lists module” or the partner’s own software.

Service advantages in comparison with the standard solution of the program set “Master-Tour”:

  • Possibility to publish daily prices for hotel accommodations. Your partner can add their flights to the hotel accommodations received from you, and thus create a tour with your accommodation, but with a flight from their city and on their blocks of seats;
  • Significantly higher efficiency (speed), especially when publishing large pool of data;
  • Ability to request only new (changed) prices that were not previously imported by the client;
  • There is an administration utility that allows you to publish prices for all or only selected tours;
  • Availability of special “debugging” functions that allow you to control the performance of the service, as well as simplify the process of debugging of client applications.

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