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It is very difficult to choose new software due to the large number of different proposals. If you are engaged in tour operator activity, then Dynamic, Master-Tour, SAMO-tour are more suitable for you. If you are a DMC, then you should consider such systems as: InTour Office, Master-Interlook, SAMO-incoming. In this article we will explain why DMC needs specialized software and how we are changing InTour Office in accordance with the requirements of the modern market.

Reception of tourists covers a large number of different types of services, from pricing management to excursions planning. Automation of such processes will not only reduce the amount of work, but will also eliminate errors and problems associated with the human factor. DMC very often uses non-specialized and even non-professional software. In such programs, there is no mechanism for creating and planning transfers and excursions, there is no possibility to export prices to other tourist systems, pricing and availability control are poorly suited for working with hotels and tour operators. Numerous improvements to such a system, the purchase and connection of third-party modules and services are additional investments, which in the end are only a short-term solution. If we approach the issue from a financial point of view, the “maintenance” of the old system with its modifications, additional modules and services is ineffective and expensive, and may even exceed the cost of renting specialized software.

InTour Office – a solid foundation for your business

For example, the cost of renting InTour Office starts from 320 € per month. This cost includes not only the back-office, but also a modern online booking system through which both agencies and individuals can work. You can see the cost of renting InTour Office HERE.

The flexibility of InTour Office makes it stand out from other systems. Individual customization of the system, adding the necessary functionality, connecting third-party hotel suppliers – all this will be possible after the implementation of InTour Office. We regularly supplement and improve our system, focusing on the needs of our clients and changes in the tourism market. As not to waste your time listing all the possibilities of InTour Office, we have compiled a list: “TOP-3 main changes of InTour Office in 2021”.

“TOP-3 main changes of InTour Office in 2021”

3. Working with currency in InTour Online

Version introduces integration with the web-service of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Thanks to this integration, you no longer need to enter the exchange rate into the system every day by hand. We also added the ability to select a currency in the online booking system. This allows you to convert prices on the web-site into the currency chosen by the client, and the conversion takes place in all sections of the web-site in real time.

Currency selector

Now you can specify in which currency to create new customer reservations – in the main currency of the system, or in the currency selected by this customer.

2. New functionality for working with excursions

Working with excursions often requires an individual approach, so excursions now can be splitted into “group” and “individual”. Group excursions are suitable for a mass client, and using individual excursions you can create an exclusive offer for any tourist. The splitting of excursions by type occurs in the “Service list” reference manual.

If you split excursion programs not only on the basis of individual/group, then the guide “Excursion types” will help you to independently create types and types of excursions.

1. New section “Tour” in InTour Online

“Tour” section in InTour Online

The new section “Tour” will allow you to expand the range of services and start selling ready-made tours.

A wide range of settings allows you to create tours of any complexity, with any set and number of services.

Tour in InTour Online

So, let’s summarize. To automate the business processes of DMC, you need the specialized software. Migration to InTour Office is the good choice for those who need to expand their business.

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